When we grow up 
c. 2021  

What does it mean to be raised with many traditions and cultures in the Netherlands? Who, or what, gives meaning to your identity? How do you choose who you want to be, in a world where others are quick to label you? These questions play a central role in the exhibition and podcast ‘When we grow up’. The Hindustani culture and traditions have been well preserved after the various waves of immigration. The culture consists of a mix of India, Suriname and the Netherlands. In this exhibition, stories are told by young adults of Surinamese-Hindostan origin. In this way, joint visibility is given to the many identities that we are confronted with in our lives, in the Netherlands.

Podcast; Stories told by young adults of Surinamese-Hindostan origin about the history, traditions and cultures with which we all grow up, but are not always seen